10 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts To Land A New Job

ChatGPT is an excellent tool to search and nail those job interviews

  1. Pimp My Resume: Get ChatGPT to give your resume a once-over. It can help you polish up your grammar and even throw in some sweet phrasing.
  2. Crafting a Killer Cover Letter: Staring at a blank page? No worries! Ask ChatGPT for some cover letter inspiration or have it critique your draft.
  3. Nailing That Interview: You can do a mock interview with ChatGPT. Try out typical questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “Talk about a time when you overcame a challenge at work”.
  4. Deciphering Job Descriptions: Job descriptions can be cryptic. ChatGPT can help you break them down and figure out if the job is your cup of tea.
  5. Company Recon: Get the lowdown on potential employers by asking ChatGPT for general info on the company, based on what’s publicly available up to September 2021.
  6. Career Mapping: A little lost on your career path? ChatGPT can help you navigate by discussing pros and cons of different jobs or sectors.
  7. Networking Ninja: If you’re sending out networking emails, get ChatGPT to check them out before you hit send.
  8. Salary Showdown: If you’re jittery about negotiating your salary, practice your pitch with ChatGPT.
  9. Job Hunt Strategy: Feeling overwhelmed by your job search? Get ChatGPT to help you craft a strategy, step by step.
  10. Leveling Up Your Skills: ChatGPT can tell you what skills are hot in your field and suggest places where you might pick them up.

Example Prompts

  1. Resume Review: “Hey, could you help me polish this sentence in my resume: ‘…'”
  2. Cover Letter Drafting: “I’m having a tough time with my cover letter for this software engineer job. Could you lend me a hand?” or “What do you think of this part of my cover letter: ‘…'”
  3. Interview Prep: “Can we practice a job interview? Pretend I’m up for a project manager role.”
  4. Job Description Analysis: “This job description is a bit over my head. Can you break it down for me: ‘…'”
  5. Company Research: “What’s the inside scoop on Google’s company culture?” or “Can you give me the lowdown on Amazon’s main business areas?”
  6. Career Guidance: “Could you weigh in on the ups and downs of a data science career?” or “What’s the skill set I should be aiming for if I want to get into digital marketing?”
  7. Networking Emails: “I need to draft an email to this person I want to network with in the graphic design world. Any pointers?”
  8. Salary Negotiation: “What’s a good way to respond if they ask about my salary expectations?”
  9. Job Search Strategy: “Could you give me a step-by-step rundown for an effective job hunt?”
  10. Skills Upgrade: “What are the hot skills for software engineers these days, say around 2021?” or “Got any leads on where I could learn more about machine learning?”
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